​About the company

Menolead Herut Systems of the YSB Group is one of the leading contracting companies in Israel. The Company specializes in planning, integration, establishment, management and maintenance of air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, infrastructure, lighting and communication systems.

Since its foundation in 1974 and up to this day, the company has acquired experience and knowledge in performing hundreds of projects and in cooperative projects around the country.

Menolead Herut Systems provides its clients with contracting services in the field of electricity and mechanics, from the planning and production to delivery (turnkey solutions); a smart managerial framework, complete integration and perennial maintenance programs. The Company serves as the home-contractor for the largest entities in Israel, and its client across the country enjoy full cooperation until the perfect solution for them is planned and performed.

The Company has over 400 employees and it is based on teams of engineers, practical engineers and technicians with vast performance and managerial experience – thanks to whom it can boast an uncompromising professional level and it continues to merit its standing as the wise choice among project entrepreneurs in the field.

The Company's management has declared quality of work the as the highest principle of its activity. The quality assurance division methodically and persistently supervises various aspects of performance and service. Menolead Herut serves as the home-contractor of the largest bodies in Israel and it is authorized for the ISO 9001:2001 Standard.

Thanks to its long term work with leading companies in Israel, Menolead Heurt Systems benefits from economic strength and financial stability, with a positive cash flow and an annual sales turnover of over ILS 300 million a year.

Menolead Herut Systems is registered in the government contractors reserve. It has a contractor license, the from contractors registrar, to perform electricity works, road lighting, communication infrastructure and electricity lines in unlimited scopes, as well as air conditioning, sanitation and fire extinguishing, including a "star" authorization for Ministry of Defense works.

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Areas of expertise


The company specializes in planning, integration, establishment, service and maintenance for a variety of technological fields and it provides a complete solution for multi-disciplinary systems and projects.


Air-conditioning department – offers comprehensive high-quality solutions, from our planning department through the diligent performance, for a variety of clients including for commerce and industry, luxury residence and the pharmaceutical and micro-electronics industries. The department ensures performance of efficient, reliable air conditioning systems for years, while using advanced technologies from the world's leading manufacturers. From large-scale systems for public areas to local solutions, the department will provide the perfect solution while using the appropriate units; chillers, VRF systems, blowers, air conditioning units and air diffusers.

The electricity department – commits to high quality solutions for complex electricity systems, ultra high and high voltage, transformers, electrical panels, low voltage and extra low voltage generators, electric plumbing, lighting, fire detection and extinguishing, control and communication.The department has a diverse, rich experience in establishing projects from institutions and the industry through stadiums and halls to laboratories and computer rooms. Performance of all internal works, lighting and electricity rooms and transformation for connection to the external system.

The sanitation and plumbing department – provides a wide variety of plumbing and sanitation solutions for public and industrial structures, hotels and residence buildings.Performing internal works and external infrastructures; fire extinguishing systems, sanitary tools, water treatment and supply, establishing pumping stations, removing waste and draining rain water. Also, the department is experienced in sanitary plumbing, in establishing gas systems for laboratories, operation rooms and clean rooms, to projects for conducing natural gas.